Vote : Right & Duty

India is a Democratic Republic. India is a Nation that is run by the Government for the people, of the people & by the people. That means that it is we, the people, who choose the leaders to represent our great nation. These leaders are the ones we choose to make important decisions on our behalf, the decision that affects every citizen in one way or the other.

Vote, why ?

Casting a vote is one of the most important duties of a good citizen. It is an honour & a privilege to choose who runs your Government. When a number of people cast their vote, they do it with a certain idea & expectations in mind about the betterment of the nation or state. Every single vote represents an individual’s point of view towards the things that you have in mind for the betterment of your community. This helps with the choice of the right & qualified candidate. Think of it, as a way to influence the future.

Vote, Choice, How ?

The most difficult question comes “ Who to vote for ?”.  Great deal of people cast their vote either randomly or in the influence of a friend or family. Remember, its your choice & outlook. Think of it as your part that you play for a better tomorrow. It’s always a good idea to get to know about the person that you are voting for, irrespective of the party or group they represent. Of course the league is equally important, but choosing the leader wisely is necessary.

The “Who cares” & “Whatever” attitude !

It’s one thing to blame the present situation & the past immoralities & outrageous acts by a person or the Government & it’s another thing to do something about it. If you don’t cast your vote, morally, you loose the right to complaint. It’s as simple. The “who cares” & “whatever” attitude leads one nowhere. If you don’t take this opportunity & cast a vote to bring to power the proper person, you just cannot expect things to magically change and get better. Public utilities & services are the most affected by the state elections that directly affects your own community.

The “ NO VOTE” Idea !

This system has probably not been introduced & likely never will be. But its something that makes sense on the more personal opinion level. If you don’t feel that any of the candidates are worth voting for, there can be a “NO VOTE” system, that might help if major part of the community feels that none of the candidates are considered desirable by the people of that respective community. This procedure will certainly not help in choosing who wins & establishes a Government, but can somehow help in not choosing the wrong candidate.

Bottom Line !

One should always vote, even when you think it won’t make a difference, it does. So go ahead, spare sometime for the sake of a better & developed tomorrow that your children will inherit & cast your vote, rather than curse the present situation over tea.


Remember, these are just my personal thoughts & observations and does not represent any group or community.


What the Policy

A nation is built and run on a number of factors. These factors include defence policy, state & central policies, foreign policies etc. etc. While the people we choose to run the Government make & edit these policies with so called ” growth ” in mind, if we look closely we will find out that the policies and expenditures are being conducted strictly on subjective opinions of individuals who are in no way competent to make those decisions and handle huge amounts of National Treasure

Whether we talk about common wealth games where more or about Rs.10000cr was spent & the results were disastrous or talk about the grand community park by the Uttar Pradesh CM that took almost Rs.600Cr. These are just some latest expenditures that pop into ones mind when thinking about the tragic situation of BPL ( below poverty line ) community in India & to say the least about excluding all the essentials from the state or central development list.

There are two aspects of this scenario. One is that our chosen leaders or the decision makers decide to spend a large chunk of money on a particular project. After the completion, almost every time a ” Ghotala “, a scam comes out naming a few people for their indecent involvement & illegal usage of state/National funds. Actually It’s now a very common outcome of any new venture that takes place. The very first thing that comes to mind is ” How much would someone be gulping in the whole process ? “. Why does every time a giant venture takes place, scam comes out of it. Then goes the Inquiries & commissions that takes some more resources & time. Well, after all the losses to national treasure, what’s the point in beating around the bush ?

Second aspect of these expenditures is about the necessity. Let’s consider the latest example of the Community Garden/Park project that was completed a few months back and took about Rs.600cr to get completed. The venture by the Honourable Uttar Pradesh CM has no standing whatsoever in terms of state development. The one question that comes to mind is ” Does UP need a 600cr park ? ” or ” A good Hospital, School, better maintenance of village roads, better electricity supply lines, cheaper food & clean water ” could have been achieved with this huge sum of money.

A hungry or sick person cannot get anything out of that park or won’t give a damn about the CW games. A illiterate child cannot get education from that park.

These are just two examples that show the current status of our National Policies, where Need & Necessity has no standing what so ever. If only educated and competent people run our Government & make policies and adhere to rules of engagement, India can grow at a more rapid pace than it is growing right now.

It’s about opening our eyes to the fact that it’s we who choose the leaders of tomorrow & if we do that carefully, a large sum of resources can be saved & utilized where it makes a difference.

Just my observation to words.

The V.I.P E-ffect !

V.I.P has many meanings. Every Country, District, State, County & even colonies ( Gali-Mohallas) have VIP these days. Some are decent & legal and some are not. But the main point of being V.I.P these days is the VIP attitude.

These people are given that status & responsibilities that makes them what they are, Today some of these posses unique qualities like, self righteousness, arrogance, Sky-high attitude, Freedom of wrongful speech. But, not all V.I.Ps posses these qualities. Some do tend to work for the community & bring betterment to the human prospective.

India as a country has had and will be having different types of politicians, leaders or many other types of VIPs. Now, like everyone else these VIPs are paid by the tax payers money, and sometimes chosen by public electoral system & are directed to work for the people. But, if we pay them, we choose them and they work for us, why does it feel like we are goats of opportunity  to them ? You must have noticed that when a Important person passes you the Pilot car drives by you directing you to give side for the VIP to pass by. Who is that VIP threatened from ? How is a common person supposed to give space to the VIP if he doesn’t have any space to give ? How is it fair to be abused or sometimes even be driven off the road by the Pilot car of a VIP convoy.

The midnight sirens of a VIP convoy just disrupts sleep & serves no purpose. How are those midnight sirens justified, while a group of people enjoying music after 10PM is illegal ? why ? If afterhours music is illegal & that should be, then how are midnight sirens justified.

A Convoy passes you by with flashy lights & noisy sirens & hooters, now doesn’t that attract attention ? why can’t a VIP pass by like a normal person. In my opinion that would attract less attention & would be a safer bet.

It’s our nation & our constitution that directs the power holders to work for us. But it seems that we are just the goats of opportunity who are milked when elections come & then all is forgotten. A common person has equal value than any VIP. They are also just humans who are given that power to serve us & not to act as GOD.

Life in a pot hole

The very basic perspective of development is to move ahead from a significantly depreciating stage. India is a developing nation is what we all have learned from childhood. We all have seen development change the face of our respective cities. Old English type roads have been converted to metro style roads with four to six lanes of traffic passing by. Development by its core name suggests betterment.

The use of technology has made our life easier in many ways. While not discussing the technology part, if we look at the surroundings with an eye of a bystander, it feels the basics have not developed much.

We can have a cellular signal everywhere, internet access or many new things in terms of overall growth, but we are still stuck with something’s that are not changing even if India is on its way to become a superpower some day. You leave home, office or might even be going for something important. The first thing you notice is potholes.

A study of human behavior suggests that if we face too many obstacles in our daily lives, we tend to get irritated and the work or our total life suffers. But why doesn’t anyone cares for these? why the most famous roads of major cities suffer from all these potholes? why aren’t the speed breakers planned? Why the intersections are made anywhere the planning authority pleases.

Just talking about Dehradun, the main roads, namely Chakrata road, East Canal Road, Rajpur Road, Raipur Road, all suffer from pothole cancer. The departments responsible for maintaining roads does the job, but then the Water Department or the sewage department or the electricity or telecom people ruin everything.

If City maintenance planning is done at a central place so as to involve all these departments and all of them work in a planned way so they don’t have to dig the newly built roads & then they won’t have to patch it ultimately making potholes out on every road there is, the life of us humans won’t be so miserable.

City Planning should be done in such a way that conserves the overall treasure that state has. After all its taxpayers’ money & it’s not being utilized like it should be.