Vote : Right & Duty

India is a Democratic Republic. India is a Nation that is run by the Government for the people, of the people & by the people. That means that it is we, the people, who choose the leaders to represent our great nation. These leaders are the ones we choose to make important decisions on our behalf, the decision that affects every citizen in one way or the other.

Vote, why ?

Casting a vote is one of the most important duties of a good citizen. It is an honour & a privilege to choose who runs your Government. When a number of people cast their vote, they do it with a certain idea & expectations in mind about the betterment of the nation or state. Every single vote represents an individual’s point of view towards the things that you have in mind for the betterment of your community. This helps with the choice of the right & qualified candidate. Think of it, as a way to influence the future.

Vote, Choice, How ?

The most difficult question comes “ Who to vote for ?”.  Great deal of people cast their vote either randomly or in the influence of a friend or family. Remember, its your choice & outlook. Think of it as your part that you play for a better tomorrow. It’s always a good idea to get to know about the person that you are voting for, irrespective of the party or group they represent. Of course the league is equally important, but choosing the leader wisely is necessary.

The “Who cares” & “Whatever” attitude !

It’s one thing to blame the present situation & the past immoralities & outrageous acts by a person or the Government & it’s another thing to do something about it. If you don’t cast your vote, morally, you loose the right to complaint. It’s as simple. The “who cares” & “whatever” attitude leads one nowhere. If you don’t take this opportunity & cast a vote to bring to power the proper person, you just cannot expect things to magically change and get better. Public utilities & services are the most affected by the state elections that directly affects your own community.

The “ NO VOTE” Idea !

This system has probably not been introduced & likely never will be. But its something that makes sense on the more personal opinion level. If you don’t feel that any of the candidates are worth voting for, there can be a “NO VOTE” system, that might help if major part of the community feels that none of the candidates are considered desirable by the people of that respective community. This procedure will certainly not help in choosing who wins & establishes a Government, but can somehow help in not choosing the wrong candidate.

Bottom Line !

One should always vote, even when you think it won’t make a difference, it does. So go ahead, spare sometime for the sake of a better & developed tomorrow that your children will inherit & cast your vote, rather than curse the present situation over tea.


Remember, these are just my personal thoughts & observations and does not represent any group or community.


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  1. Very nicely wirtten. The No vote system can really be a turn event in the election procedure. Amazing as always.

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