Chaos, Code, Success

I, What I am!

I started off as a good human being, I suppose. Common saying suggests that there is never only black & white, there is that line of grey the world works on. A naïve being, I used to think, no, I will not take the path of grey in life. Came to me the gift of logic, logic for coding, life took me up to a level where ones & zero (1,0) took up the entirety of my time.

The code doesn’t lie, it doesn’t cheat, it doesn’t manipulate, revisiting the last statement, the code doesn’t do all those things to its coder. The code can do all those things for its coder though, that’s the definition of truth.

I started off as a normal human being, I suppose. Climbing up the ladder & checking multiple checkboxes at ones, to reach a place where only return() seemed like a sane option. I returned.

Vested in something to an extent that you deprive yourself of the worldly charms, to just live your life, without collecting memorabilia might one day disprove your entire life & discredit your story.

Not following the herd, makes me not-normal, as iterated by the herd. Common human psyche suggests that everyone wants better in life, everyone’s wants to feel special & out of this common herd. The same people vindicate me for being not-normal, want to be not-normal. A platitude, a cliché or what else might I call it.

The day has come when the value of one’s word solely depends on the things from the time in question. We, the people have started an era where there is no value at all for a bond between two people. All that matters are what can you prove. Crediting & discrediting comes based the corroboration of your story.

Chaos. Life, Success…

I always subjugate a theory, I shall call, the theory of Chaos (Not the CHAOS theory). I stand at a viewpoint, a moral high ground so that I can assert right from wrong. All my loved ones, should feel loved & ‘cared’ for, doesn’t give me a GOD complex, it provided me with an ultimate satisfaction of being able to give & take some happiness in the misery of day to day life.

Dictating wishes, while cozying up on your bed is way too easy, then going out in the world & making them come true.

Here, chaos occurs, when you get things done by just saying them, the person doing all the work, will one day get slow at completing them, overlapping desires & time crunch will lead to this chaos, why? Out of 100 said things, if only one (1) doesn’t get fulfilled, you are a bad human being! Desires take that huge a role, that you get lost in this chaos.

A just cause for someone, a knife walk for me.

It gets worse. When you start to think, “I am needed”, life slaps you in your face saying “No, you are not”, why? Because people are replaced with more people & tasks are delegated. It doesn’t matter or makes a difference, who does it.

Success, a word for some, a day to day milestone for others. I have answered this one before. What is the success? For some, it is that ultimate milestone that makes the world go shiny. The place where life takes the perfect shape they wanted.

But, isn’t success meant to be directly proportional to happiness? Not necessarily in today’s world. If you are able to make each day that goes by, worth living, if you had a smile on your face or you were made to feel special, it’s success. At least I hope so!

When you waste or rather screw each day over and over and over for an infinite period of time, you don’t know the meaning of success. When you delay, or start to schedule happiness based on factors and time that is yet to come, you are delaying your success. Happiness can never be scheduled. It can be felt NOW.

The Endgame…

The day you start to feel small, smaller than the world around you, it’s time to stop and rethink your life choices. Having a fair idea of your place in the world, rather achieving that state of self-actualization is a necessity for a happy today and a bright tomorrow. Something to Ponder on…

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