Life in a pot hole

The very basic perspective of development is to move ahead from a significantly depreciating stage. India is a developing nation is what we all have learned from childhood. We all have seen development change the face of our respective cities. Old English type roads have been converted to metro style roads with four to six lanes of traffic passing by. Development by its core name suggests betterment.

The use of technology has made our life easier in many ways. While not discussing the technology part, if we look at the surroundings with an eye of a bystander, it feels the basics have not developed much.

We can have a cellular signal everywhere, internet access or many new things in terms of overall growth, but we are still stuck with something’s that are not changing even if India is on its way to become a superpower some day. You leave home, office or might even be going for something important. The first thing you notice is potholes.

A study of human behavior suggests that if we face too many obstacles in our daily lives, we tend to get irritated and the work or our total life suffers. But why doesn’t anyone cares for these? why the most famous roads of major cities suffer from all these potholes? why aren’t the speed breakers planned? Why the intersections are made anywhere the planning authority pleases.

Just talking about Dehradun, the main roads, namely Chakrata road, East Canal Road, Rajpur Road, Raipur Road, all suffer from pothole cancer. The departments responsible for maintaining roads does the job, but then the Water Department or the sewage department or the electricity or telecom people ruin everything.

If City maintenance planning is done at a central place so as to involve all these departments and all of them work in a planned way so they don’t have to dig the newly built roads & then they won’t have to patch it ultimately making potholes out on every road there is, the life of us humans won’t be so miserable.

City Planning should be done in such a way that conserves the overall treasure that state has. After all its taxpayers’ money & it’s not being utilized like it should be.

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  1. If even this is taken into consideration by the government, things can work out better for the state and country. This is a great post that shows the current status & is really appreciable.


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