The V.I.P E-ffect !

V.I.P has many meanings. Every Country, District, State, County & even colonies ( Gali-Mohallas) have VIP these days. Some are decent & legal and some are not. But the main point of being V.I.P these days is the VIP attitude.

These people are given that status & responsibilities that makes them what they are, Today some of these posses unique qualities like, self righteousness, arrogance, Sky-high attitude, Freedom of wrongful speech. But, not all V.I.Ps posses these qualities. Some do tend to work for the community & bring betterment to the human prospective.

India as a country has had and will be having different types of politicians, leaders or many other types of VIPs. Now, like everyone else these VIPs are paid by the tax payers money, and sometimes chosen by public electoral system & are directed to work for the people. But, if we pay them, we choose them and they work for us, why does it feel like we are goats of opportunity  to them ? You must have noticed that when a Important person passes you the Pilot car drives by you directing you to give side for the VIP to pass by. Who is that VIP threatened from ? How is a common person supposed to give space to the VIP if he doesn’t have any space to give ? How is it fair to be abused or sometimes even be driven off the road by the Pilot car of a VIP convoy.

The midnight sirens of a VIP convoy just disrupts sleep & serves no purpose. How are those midnight sirens justified, while a group of people enjoying music after 10PM is illegal ? why ? If afterhours music is illegal & that should be, then how are midnight sirens justified.

A Convoy passes you by with flashy lights & noisy sirens & hooters, now doesn’t that attract attention ? why can’t a VIP pass by like a normal person. In my opinion that would attract less attention & would be a safer bet.

It’s our nation & our constitution that directs the power holders to work for us. But it seems that we are just the goats of opportunity who are milked when elections come & then all is forgotten. A common person has equal value than any VIP. They are also just humans who are given that power to serve us & not to act as GOD.

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