Midnight Ramble

Self-actualization contains deep meaning. It’s something to ponder upon. Doing things, taking action, trying to achieve the best in life is a great thing, but self-realization & self-actualization are something that will always help you get your perspective in order.

If I talk about myself, I am always pining for things, things I know I might never get. But, would that be ok if I just stopped pining for them? I don’t think so. I could be overreaching, but am I hurting anybody ? No. One must consider & execute their every decision to the point, where it does not interfere with other people’s lives, as the objects for your happiness, can sometimes be an object of pain for others.

Another important exercise that must be kept under check, is sharing. A thousand thoughts might cross your mind, there could be hundreds of things that you might want to say. It’s always a good idea to think before you speak. Uncontrolled speech, ( babbling ) can easily get you to a stage where narcissism could be the word to define you.

A common statement these days is “One must do something great with their life”. Yeah, It’s true. But, the definition of “great” is really not that simple. Today “Great” equals “successful”. In my dictionary “great” equals “meaningful & content”. Success is just a myth if you are comparing it with money. Fame is an anomaly if it comes at a price.

I am still trying to find myself. Trying “self-realization” & “self-actualization”. Trying to get that “content & meaning”. Trying.. you should too.