Manifest of Life

There is no lower or upper limit to what a person might find happiness in. It could be a very small thing, or a big bond of happy. Life consists of many turn events, all these turn events are motivated by the core human values & feelings i.e Empathy, love, sadness, happiness & hatred.

From day one all good people in your life teach you to be happy, cheerful, to think positive & be social. Parents want you to be happy & successful and to lead a good life. Teachers teach you all that you know, oh at least some do.  While, everybody tells you to live life as you want to, though it doesn’t really work that way. As you start to live it your own way, things start to go south & then the need to change your ways of life arises . Slowly & without a hint either you turn into a self righteous person or you just start to go with the flow, being nice & doing what others want you to do.

Though there is nothing wrong in doing a bit of what others want, it’s a good thing indeed to think about how your actions might affect others and to make sure that the ones you love or care about are happy in every way possible & to work in everyway that you can help to make it fruitful for them, even if that includes a little bit of self-sacrifice.

Being supportive in everyway possible is a very good deed to do. But, in the process of being supportive & making sure of the comfort of others, just make sure that you know the limit of how much you can actually do without loosing yourself. If you think that it’s not going to happen, think again. We Humans have a tendency of being nice to the ones that are nice to us. If you think, your relation, be it any relation is very nice & blooming with happiness, try mixing some sour moments therein & see the results. It’s always the bad time that shows the true faces of every & all relations you got.

All the rules & guidelines that our lives are tied to in todays world are only made by us & there is nothing wrong in questioning them or even breaking some of them, if necessary. I don’t intend to tell you to revolt, but using an open mind & living the way you want to is not wrong until it adversely affects people close to you.

Expression of what you feel is equally important, keep it within you for very long & it starts to sting & smell. Don’t run over the thoughts that your mind gives out & on the feelings that your heart has. You are also important & you also deserve to be happy.

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  1. hello sir

    I have read your previous entries and I am really impressed with the way you express yourself. In my life i always did everything that all my pupils asked me. I tried to keep them happy and as you have said it all got bad for me. the expectations rose so high that I was not able to deal with all of the situations. you have written down the truth and I really have respects for your type of writers. I have sent you a friend request on facebook, please accept it. in the end I am a great admirer of your work.

    thank you

    Darshan Singh

  2. Very nicely written piece. U r taking a new stream of writing. Politics, generalization & now philosophy of life ? not all will understand what u want to say, but i do. u rock @shantanukaushik

  3. Good thoughts to ponder on. Life is all about balance.
    I totally agree with the last few lines. Self expression is must..but that too needs to be balanced 🙂

  4. I indubitably like the way you put your thoughts. Your way of living life is meritorious. I felt something unique about the way you talk when i first met you. keep up the good work.

  5. If only.. everyone was so sensitive to what the others might feel of their actions…. the world would be a much better place to live in.. insensitivity is policy today.. good writing..

  6. Sir , i loved all your articles and your thought process but sometimes your life is out of your control and then i think one should remain strong and it is all about balancing your life and your emotions.

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