Dissolve in-to Reality

“The Thing”, it’s a denotation to several subjective or objective things we do in our Daily-Lives. What capacity & magnitude these things carry is not a noticeable conjecture, sometimes its just the tokens of appreciation or gratitude, a token to express empathy & care is just what matters. It’s not significant whether it is small or big, it’s just a reflection of your inner self, from the eyes of somebody else.

Everybody says “don’t expect & you shall not be disappointed”. The question beats me saying “why not”, “maybe just a little bit”. When given a chance, I haven’t, wouldn’t & mustn’t let a single chance go, to make a loved one feel special, isn’t it justified to expect just 1% of the affection & warmth that you so proficiently extended to your close ones. That, if you made a difference in someone’s life, in a way that made them feel special & gave them a morale boost, how & why is it a social dilemma to expect the same kind of affection & care in return?

But no, the consequence makes me believe that I am standing in a low point of view, where, either I need to rethink my turns in life, or I need to let go of my thinking-self & dissolve into reality, the reality which is crude & unjust, the reality which abandons my ethical code, the code that says never to let a loved one be alone & in misery, the code that makes me “taken for granted” in this cycle of life, where I try to grant every bit of happiness through my stand-point into lives of people connected to me.

It’s an underpass, concluding me to change the way I think, and the way of appreciating the crowd I called family. From what I observe, the one mistreating is far more attractive, than the one showering affection. Maybe, Changing my approach & expressions is somewhat a logical choice, as it might let the ones know, that “things that make them special, are the things created by the “one”, who they take for granted”.

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