The Disturbed Hierarchy

In the world we live today, almost everything is easier said, than done. I am not saying that actual execution of your task hasn’t been simplified, instead the simplicity now, has a unique demand of skills and processes.

Whether it is a Government organization or a private one, it is now a common belief that, where there is human, their is corruption, or at the very least, laziness. People sitting behind a desk, holding good positions, getting paid for what they are supposed to do, just neglect doing it. Even if they do complete the task they are paid to do, almost every other person takes an unjust amount of time to do it.

There is no meaning for the word productivity for authority figures. I am not implying that all authority figures or officers of a particular agency are like that. But, most of the people that I have come across, expect some kind of a payment to do their duties. Payment doesn’t necessarily mean money, sometimes just bragging about the things they have done, makes them happy.

Is it supposed to be like that ? Is taking crazy amount of time to complete any work justified ? Employment agencies, Education authorities, Government offices etc. etc. all take an unjust amount of time to process things, & even if they do, the intimation of the said work is almost non-existent, Why ? Isn’t the person waiting on the other side important ? Or is it, that the common person’s time doesn’t actually hold any value ?

Things have to change, in some places, they are changing. Government Agencies, Education Authorities & Institutions that hold a significant value in terms of Human welfare or empowerment should take necessary steps in interconnecting the leading agencies of our country.

Technology is to our benefit today, the time taken for postal services between these agencies can be cut to a least count, thus improving the overall productivity & economy. Certain developed countries have protocols for execution of certain task & they follow them to the book, these protocols are in place to increase productivity & general satisfaction.

Proper usage of resources & man power, applied at the right time & in right places can make all the difference.

AAP– an open letter

Dawn of a new today seems to be right around the corner. This is what I & many others thought & hoped for while expressing an open opinion to everyone or everywhere there was a forum for open speech, I tried to convey my best to get a few things out and in motion for the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party(AAP).

AAP & it’s backbone Shri. Arvind Kejriwal is well known for his dynamic speech & the true content he holds for this nation & our fight against corruption. AAP started more as a group who wanted to do something to change the current situation, a situation that is filled with corruption & barbaric political parties.

The Manifesto or the list of issues raised by AAP has been to the mark & most of these were also raised by the BJP.  AAP, before constituting itself as a political party, used to speak their mind. They used to do things that a common person would do. They stood for the constitution of India, at least I thought so.

Right after the Legislative council election, things started to change. The party, who I thought would do great in the Lok Sabha election, started to wiggle & collapse in the juice of a win. Well, not a win, but coming second in the first elections they ever appeared in. It was a big deal & many of us thought, things will finally change in the capital of India. The long-term of Congress rule in Delhi finally came to an end.

AAP was supposed to be a party for the common man & by the common man as most of their leaders say. But, is it? From what I have seen from their Media appearances, most of them appear to be in a sort of sarcastic mood. They are disrespectful, have no sense of politics as a science & appear to speak in a weird fashion. The Common man of India does not speak like that.

In a recent gathering of the three political parties on AAJ Tak, a lady politician openly called someone from the audience a liar ( the person was not lying & he just pointed out a fact about a statement from Shri. Kejriwal ). It appears that the science of politics is no longer applied. People from all the political parties appear to fight & quarrel, as if, they were in a fish market. The decency from every statement from every political party has vanished. AAP being the newest of the lot was expected to be a bit different. Why are they not?

We, the people expected them to make a Government & change things, the thing they promised they would change, when & if they came into power. From the current situation of things, it seems like they are running away from their duty, duty towards each & every person who voted for them. This is the time for AAP to show everyone the power of common man and the correct way of how things should be done. Instead, they are still contemplating on whether to make a Government? why?

Isn’t this why the AAP ran for power in these elections? Even after getting a chance to make a Government in Delhi, they still speak like the opposition, demanding things to be done. Why? AAP should take charge & do things they promised, at least now, when they are getting a chance. That is why the common man voted for you. They did not vote for you to indulge in some ridiculous series of question & answers and some weird idea of another opinion poll to form the Government. Winning 28 seats was more than enough opinion they should have wanted to form the Government.

Respect the common man and don’t just be another political party, is what we all ask of you. They should lose the Sarcasm & have some respect for people whose presence in the political sphere has always been a ray of hope for everyone.

We made you. We, the people of India. People of a country whose foundations were laid on a constitution as great as ours.

Oh My Media !!

The word Media is referred to every branch of press i.e. newspapers, electronic media etc. that exists. Almost every industry out there has developed with developing times. So has the information industry. The different forms of media have grown over the years and have turned from being the information agencies to the fourth pillar of the society or per say the backbone of any economy.

Over the years media has undergone a vigorous transformation cycle and now it gives out an impression of a change in its core values. The values in terms of the written word mean solidarity, openness & authenticity in information. I am not saying that everything associated with Mass Media or better call it the press has changed. As does everything, media too has good and bad sides. It does work in many good ways to help amplify the voice of the ones who are mostly left unheard within a crowd. Many have gotten justice because of the media & likewise many lives have been destroyed by Media.

These Information agents are considered to be the history shapers & yes they are. Many major incidents are recorded and archived by the media. What we know about history is because of the written word, the written word that was recorded at the time of the incident by somebody. Ask yourself a question, What if, the incident recorded sometime in history has been recorded incorrectly? perhaps manipulated? It’s a question beyond the scope of this article but the manipulation in the presentation of information that we see today brings us to a point where it seems anything is possible. Maybe the type of suggestive news we get today, the type of subjective opinions that the press presents to the viewer certainly lacks the moral & professional ground that the press should maintain.

What we write today will age with time & sometime in future, it might actually gain some authenticity, even if what we write today is just a figment of our imagination or in simpler words fabricated.

Media today is responsible for controlling the thought process which we all use today. It’s the media who shapes the information flow to present a particular news with either positive or negative impression. The part of the media in the information flow should actually be neutral. Presenting authentic information is something the media should work on.

When any piece of information is provided to the audience, there are a number of filters that are applied to make the news look sensational. The thing to understand is that any news/information should be edited only to the extent that it must not lose its real meaning. The same sentence said in two different ways can alter the meaning completely. I might say “ That person is addicted to movies “ but if I take out “to movies” from the sentence, it becomes highly offensive to the person in context. This trick is widely used to achieve audience to a particular scheduled program. This way Breakdown & reconstruction of information is highly prejudicial.

Media has turned from a information providing agency to a fascist organization that tends to control the flow of information to either benefit itself or to benefit someone with power or control. Democracy requires free access to information, the information which is not filtered or manipulated to suit someone in particular.

A Lie said a thousand times, might someday sound like the truth, but it will always be a lie. Press certainly has the power to say something, it has the freedom of the press with it, but unwanted nosing in personal matters is somewhat uncalled for. In fact, the people representing the press i.e reporters carry an attitude that should not be there in the first place. Press is not a governing body. They are most definitely not the decision or policymakers. Yes, their job lets them keep an eye out for corruption or bad policymaking, but that doesn’t give the media a right to hold, on the contrary, it gives them an opportunity to be the voice of the nation & to work for the people’s benefits. Sadly, they do not.

Advertising has been another add-on that has evolved alongside the News industry. It has evolved so much that there is more to advertising than to the information/News it carries with. Media now looks towards the advertisers for funding rather than to provide quality information to the audience. Every Industry out there works for money, but Media seems to be reaching a point where it will start working only for money & the code of conduct associated with the press will seem vanished.

The Information industry should realize the fact that small-scale press, mainly newspapers were the cause of mass enlightenment in our history. Be it the revolt against the British rule in India or Against the Nazi rule in Germany, the power of press did wonders when used with an open and clean gesture.

Fascism in media or the sensationalism of information might be a humorous topic for some, it certainly is not. We all should not think that “ Media is like that only” & “ Media can say anything”, don’t forget something said today might become a part of history someday & presenting the future generations with fabricated information is not the way to go.

There is a radical shift necessary in the field of information industry to keep the value of the written word intact & it’s our duty to make sure that the value of the written word stays intact.

Remember I am just speaking my mind, my observation to words,
no offense to any group, community or individual is intended.

The hunger that

Whether a country is developing or developed, Western, Asian, European or else, the basic needs of a common human being are always the same, i.e food, clothing & shelter.

If we talk about India, on paper we are developing at a rapid pace, but if we talk reality not much has changed. Our nation might be getting upgraded in some aspects, the money, the technology might be flowing in, but what has been upgraded for the people that are below poverty line (BPL) or even for the common man that is in many ways the backbone of our nation.

The Common man here is the basic work force that drives a nation to a right path in terms of economic strength. This work force is in almost all sectors is under appreciated & under paid while people sitting higher on the food chain are over appreciated & over paid. There seem to be no balance between the different segment that exist in our society. Over the years the situation for people living BPL or near the poverty line hasn’t changed much, children in many parts of our nation still suffer from diseases that are certified to be eradicated, not only children but even grown ups suffer from imminent deterioration, that lead to shorter & miserable life span.

The Government announces a increase in growth rate, but what growth is growth when even a single person sleeps hungry at night. From decades, our economists are claiming to roll out better budgets that should control inflation & also decrease the poverty ratio. But to what extent all these policies work is unknown.

Some people say that corruption is a root cause behind all of this & making better policies & bills would add to the betterment of this situation. Lok-pal bill is believed to reduce the corruption rate & to better the situation, but is one bill or even hundred more of them enough ? Corruption roots within us. No policy can promise a better tomorrow  until & unless we eradicate the corruption within us. We all tend to add to this corruption when we bribe a officer, a clerk or anyone to either sort things out or get our work done before time. It’s we who tend to break the rules to prioritize our life.

But, I don’t intend to say that the whole problem is within us, in fact it’s just a fraction of the problem that we adhere to. Maximum of our policies were written decades ago, while changes have been made over the years to better these policies, these policies still need to be changed. The people who make these policies are not much educated & lack the wisdom & the power of independent & objective thinking that is a must for any policy that affects millions of lives.

I heard someone saying that “ Corruption is a disease, that cannot be cured”. This is just not true. Somewhere in my earlier posts, i have mentioned that it’s we who make this nation, we are the ones empowering the roots, it’s we who appoint these policy makers, so we reserve the right to change them or even change the whole outlook.

Many a ministers & policy makers tend to opt for “Ignorance is Bliss” as an option & just rely on their mouth to tackle most of the situations. I ask What is the basic criteria for entering politics or taking oath as a Minister ? & How many of the current ministers & even the members of the cabinet are true to these requirements, or maybe just being a sibling to some powerful person is a wildcard entry into politics without a need for qualification ?

I don’t intend to write numbers here, the point that I want to make is that all these policies, these new bills & budgets are pointless as they just don’t feed the hungry & they don’t treat the sick. Over the past few decades the situation of people living below poverty line has deteriorated even more. New Policies look good on paper as they project numbers stating thousand of new homes/shelter, hospitals, schools & other basic necessities but just on paper, what does happen in reality is a great mystery.

Our Constitution says that we are a free country & we have rights then why the authorities what should be protecting our rights just hinder them in the first place ? Things need to change & we all have to be a part of it. Give your coming generation a better tomorrow & make each day count.

Remember, I am just speaking my mind & i don’t want to offend any group or any individual’s opinion.