The Disturbed Hierarchy

In the world we live today, almost everything is easier said, than done. I am not saying that actual execution of your task hasn’t been simplified, instead the simplicity now, has a unique demand of skills and processes.

Whether it is a Government organization or a private one, it is now a common belief that, where there is human, their is corruption, or at the very least, laziness. People sitting behind a desk, holding good positions, getting paid for what they are supposed to do, just neglect doing it. Even if they do complete the task they are paid to do, almost every other person takes an unjust amount of time to do it.

There is no meaning for the word productivity for authority figures. I am not implying that all authority figures or officers of a particular agency are like that. But, most of the people that I have come across, expect some kind of a payment to do their duties. Payment doesn’t necessarily mean money, sometimes just bragging about the things they have done, makes them happy.

Is it supposed to be like that ? Is taking crazy amount of time to complete any work justified ? Employment agencies, Education authorities, Government offices etc. etc. all take an unjust amount of time to process things, & even if they do, the intimation of the said work is almost non-existent, Why ? Isn’t the person waiting on the other side important ? Or is it, that the common person’s time doesn’t actually hold any value ?

Things have to change, in some places, they are changing. Government Agencies, Education Authorities & Institutions that hold a significant value in terms of Human welfare or empowerment should take necessary steps in interconnecting the leading agencies of our country.

Technology is to our benefit today, the time taken for postal services between these agencies can be cut to a least count, thus improving the overall productivity & economy. Certain developed countries have protocols for execution of certain task & they follow them to the book, these protocols are in place to increase productivity & general satisfaction.

Proper usage of resources & man power, applied at the right time & in right places can make all the difference.

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  1. you are absolutely right sir. I have been waiting for my degree from ignou 6 months….. NOTHING HAPPENS. PERSON don’t want to work

  2. really good points. general issues are often neglected. but the development is here. Things are starting to work now.

  3. I am waitin from 1 yr for my joining in a IT firm. you are right sir…. things must change nw.. I read other posts too sir.. all are sumthing I feel like.

  4. Its an epidemic. You are wrong. Things can’t be interconnected like that. What technology is in question here ? Which country has that kind of technology.. please enlighten us. Fictitious. nobody suffers that much

  5. Hey Shantanu, I like the way you put things. It’s that Government & people residing in those Governments have their own agenda & policies. Mostly people out there work for money, only a handful work with passion. Your article here is a work of passion, I must say. Keep it up. Bright future

  6. @pankaj : I agree. It’s an epidemic. Epidemic of unproductivity. If you don’t have any passion for the work you do, better don’t do it. Job is given to you. You should make it your passion. That will help you to help others. You have a right to disagree. its ok. But, when you talk about technology not being there. It is you who is wrong. All our government portals within a state a interconnected by hosting architecture. ( example ) In the same manner, all the banks & financial agencies can link your data online with a single database. AAdhar card as started in India recently is one of the many steps.

    Which country : US has Social Security no. from ages, their intelligence & federal agencies have a link up of no. of different databases, that they can access when and where they want.

    Bottom line, we can do it. We can reduce the time it takes for the verification of documents, that in term lead to new documents. ( example : passport ). Your testimonials from different sources could be verified within minutes, increasing productivity.

    Hope you get the point I am trying to make.

  7. Hi been so long since you posted anything ? Have you changed ur cell no. ? Lets talk over the phone ?

  8. change is very hard… almost everyone denies any changes.. we all just want to talk about things that are wrong… how can things change like that.

    • Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself — Leo Tolstoy ( I think this is what you mean sid ? )

      & my reply would be :

      The changes in our life must come from the impossibility to live otherwise, than according to the demands of our conscience not from our mental resolution to try a new form of life. – Leo Tolstoy

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