Publishing my thoughts

There is a lot to experience in this world. A lifetime might sometimes be too short to experience it all. The logic of life is irrefutable. I will be putting my thoughts here about everything that makes sense to a common human being like myself.


Just Expressing myself.

4 Thoughts.

  1. The world we live in may seem to be a rag-bag of odd, fortuitously assembled bits and pieces, but magicians believe
    that it is really a whole – like a design or a machine – and that all its parts are necessarily connected together in a
    certain way. Human beings are wholes of this kind… Just as all the facets of a man’s character and behavior are aspects
    of some one thing which underlies and connects them. This one thing is a being, a force, a substance, a principle, or
    something which it is not possible to describe in words at all.

  2. Lie to a liar for lies are his coin;
    Steal from a thief, ‘tis easy you’ll find;
    Trick a trickster and win the first time –
    But beware of the man who has no axe to grind.

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