Only, If I could!

If I could change one little thing, what would that be? Would it be something that might affect the lives of many ? or will it be a change that concerns me?

Many a time in life, we look back & repent things we had done in the past. We think we contemplate, our every move in the past or every word we might have said to some other person. We make note of things that worked in our favor and the things that didn’t. We try and apply the lessons learned to make sure that we don’t repeat the same kind of mistakes again.

But, do we ? & do we really get the desired result? Probably! probably not. It’s not about what we can gather from life as an experience, or how many lessons we learn. It’s also not about moving on or saying “no worries, it’s a part of life”.

What it’s about is the one thing that never changes, you. We never change, the core energy driving us will never change. I am not a non-believer. But, more of a realistic kind of a guy. I started off talking about what would I change? My imperfection is what I like, I would rather keep my laziness, I will also keep my attitude towards life. I might even keep the things I did or the path I took in life. & I shall never change the ups and downs of my life.

Though, I would definitely change a few people I met along the way. The kind of people who changed my life to a reverse stream. The people who I admire & who admire me. The people who in turn shall leave me thinking, if it was all worth it.

To sum it up, I will change a human not being born, Me.

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