I am asleep, yet awake !
leaving everything to fate !!

Feeling mute, yet loud it seems !
It’s not about reality, but my dreams !!

Loath the sound, an empty heart makes !
You should listen, to when it breaks !!

You can’t control, yet you desire !
Make it stop, as my world feels on fire !!

It’s not that I think, Though I am right !
Suddenly the sun, doesn’t seem so bright !!

It would end, some place, some time !
Waiting for the moment, when i hear you chime !!

I know, I know you, from now or then !
Does it really matter, since when !!

I am lucky, our paths crossed !
So I am stable & not tossed !!

Read it loud, but make no sound !
understand it, the world is round !!

We will meet again, some place, some time !
It does not end here, It is Love, not crime !!

Be happy my love, be great !!
I wish, I hope, good be your fate !!!

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