Development or Destruction

How do we define development ? What are the basic factors that constitute development. Sometimes the basic idea behind development in terms of state is the uplift of community or betterment of the public utility system or any other system that as a whole affects the citizens.

Over the past few decades, our surroundings have gone through a major development shift, that has definitely rendered our lives easier. Some of the core development can be seen with the management of roads, public transportation, technology, health & hygiene, communication, trading systems & many more. Without neglecting the fact that all of these development scenarios have indeed proved to be useful to us & have eased our lives in everyway, we cannot just neglect the price tag that came with all this.

Acres of landmass has been scaled even by cutting down trees & removing small hills etc. to make way for better trade routes & highways. The same has been done for setting up huge industrial areas. Today we are cutting down forests and making more & more room for our kind to survive, while shifting & leaving scarce resources for other species.

If I take & point out the development changes within my city limits, the face of this city has drastically changed over the last 20 years. Housing complexes & industries have taken over most of the natural outlook of the city. The single lane roads have been converted to 4 lanes & every road is now filled with automobiles that creates all types of pollution there is.

While several good people & their corresponding agencies are taking initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint generated by their industries, but that too takes investment in billions. Even that is still not enough to make all the damage done just vanish. This problem might not look as a immediate threat to some, in fact it is.The “who cares” & “someone else will” attitude is adding to the destruction of our planet.

This planet might be divided into continents & country boundaries, but does it also divide our human race somehow ? It’s just about caring today, for a better & safer tomorrow that your children will inherit. It’s your responsibility towards your home planet.  if you care a bit, search the internet for related articles that show the fact based reports and the current situation & also tells you some of the steps that as an individual one can take to add a little something to stabilize the situation.

Remember I am just writing my views & expressing what I see,
my observations to words.

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  1. true n justified. world is changing. things really are getting worse and not many people are talkin about it. gr8 observation.. good writing..

  2. Y a ! I agree unanimously with the rest.Well put shantanu. I belong to Uttaranchal thou born n bred a mumbaikar. But somewhere in my deepest thots wish to settle in the hills. But if this is the bargain then I would thing otherwise. Not only for posterity but even for us Nature lovers this would be a grave situation. We all better buckle up….FAST !!

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Development that eases our lives has changed everything so much, so fast, that the natural beauty & feel of a hill station here at dehradun is vanishing away and this seems to be the case everywhere in the world.

    I hope things change & we all be a part of it.

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