Asylum from the UnSound

Engrossed by thoughts, a constant feeling of unworthiness propagating pain to my soul, thus jolting me back to reality. It’s like I am running around chasing a dream, a dream that has led to me a state of constant dispersal.

It all started as a sublime thought, but how & when It all turned & took me to a place, a place of no return is still an inquest to me. A future set on the wrong foundation could be the prime mover, but is that all? Does that satisfy the embarkation of my senses?

That infernal feeling of spending every day as a day in purgatory, as the whole barbed & tormented taction of life gets too much to take, I crawl to find that single moment of serenity.

I thrive to get, yet fail, not giving up, as helplessness is not my cup of tea. I strive & cast myself to ensure that I get up to face entirety again. Why? Why did I start in the first place? Why did I not get that one shelter from this unjust world? Why don’t I ? have that asylum from the unsound?

4 Thoughts.

  1. Shantanu, Your writing style is very nostalgic. I have read quite a few pieces of non-English literature & I can relate your style there. Keep writing good stuff. You have a new reader now. Your mute cry is not unheard. These particular lines just woke every sense in my body. Great.

  2. u shld gt rid of those who give u pain… simple.. we knw u have people in ur life who give u pain.. nikaldo unhe.. Exceptionally beautiful writing.. kena padega

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