Where deeds don’t matter

“Adopt the good and discard the bad”, is a common statement we all get to learn while growing up. The current Indian Government has very keenly adopted the dynamic media presentations of the west. So now, the Prime Minister and the media spokesperson, like a theatre act, walk up to the media ramp in front of the cameras, to deliver their speech – Sound familiar? Yes, it’s the style used by the President of the United States of America when the White House addresses its nation.

Though it’s a good idea to adopt good things from the most powerful nation, adopting only the plastic presentation part is not really prize-worthy. If the Government had to adopt something, they should have adopted a bit of their foreign policy – or at the very least, learned just a little bit about dignity and self-preservation. One should take an example from people and nations that do not hold back when it comes to protecting their citizens and their rights. On the other hand, our current Government seems obsessed only with their vote bank; their every statement and decision reflects political agenda.

A Government has to have the correct set of implementation policies and ministers to protect and see these policies through. It’s been over 6 decades since we attained freedom; this freedom has produced plenty of people who prefer to think about their own financial enrichment. The saddest part is, no one cares about where our National Treasury is heading to. The financial stability of a country is based on a set of proper implementation scenarios by its Government. If the Government itself is involved heavily in dozens of scams, who is really the one guarding the future of Indian Citizens?

Rather than protecting its citizens, suppressing corruption, and taking our nation to a stable and secure state, the current Government has failed to protect our citizens, their rights, and even our national borders. Nothing is more shameful for a nation than having two of its neighboring nations continuously intruding its limits. To top it up, our Government has nothing to fix it. Is submitting an appeal for help to foreign powers the best we can do? And do nothing about the situation at hand?

No, If something must be adapted from the superpowers, it has to be the ‘guts’ to retaliate against foreign threats and neutralize them on high priority. Dynamic presentation is needed to gain an audience, not to run a nation.

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  1. If our govt could adapt atleast 1 % of what our foreign countries are following it would be a real help for our country, All corrupted Politicians are busy filling their pockets>LOOSERS !!!!!!!

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