What Price for Wisdom

It’s been quite a few years that we know the “baba” or “wisdom architects” culture exists here in India. It’s a culture where you allegedly get to know the right path to life, where you meditate & find peace.

It’s a culture where lots of people gather around to get a piece of wisdom so that their own lives could be a bit fruitful. It’s where people sit on the ground & wait for hours to get some guidance, while the people sitting on a Royal Chair, who promise to be delivering wisdom or wise words get paid in millions each day. These religious speakers or agents from god, who promise to get us, the misguided human race on the right path, collect billions while common people live their lives in a state of poverty & misery.

Someone traveling in business class, staying in five star hotels & utilizing all the premium segment facilities just cannot talk about “ Saada Jeevan, Uuach Vichaar “ or “Simple Living, High Thinking “, How can a person like that relate to the miseries of a common man who works hard to gather the basic necessities each day.

It’s we the people who are donating this money to the people who collect hefty sums & grow fat sitting on that chair, not utilizing a single penny, not paying all the taxes, not worrying about the people in need of food, clothing, shelter & medicine. How can these people be called better human beings ? & why should we follow them ? What wisdom is wisdom when it comes out of greed & blasphemy ?

I do not disagree that in a lifetime we should not look up for advice and right path or we shouldn’t meditate, in fact meditation is a proved fact that really works for a positive result. But sitting in numbers & listening to one person for directions to lead your own life is somewhat depending on a lantern 1 mile away for either heat or light. One should be in control of their own life. It’s you who must decide your tomorrow and not someone making millions a day & delivering wise words to a million people for an hour or more in a day.

These are just modern day MAHA-RISHIS, who don’t sit under a tree starving for days, concentrating & delivering you the right path. They are businessmen delivering sessions that pay. What I am expressing has been proved over the years when different Gurus & babas have been proved guilty by law for different wrong doings. I am not saying that all of these wise people are con artists, but now many have been proven guilty. You should believe in someone or something as that is your personal choice, but make sure that the person you are putting your trust doesn’t turn out to be a common thief or a con artist in future. Help those who need help & stop making these conmen, millionaires.

Remember I am just expressing my thoughts as i am entitled to, likewise you are entitled to agree or disagree with me.

4 Thoughts.

  1. like u said, not all are the same. some really do provide guidance but we really should depend on ourselves. I always like your writing, i loved it in this one. Keep writing like this.

  2. What these people are doing on the name of religion is shamefull. These people should be prosecuted. goodly written.

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