Welcoming Terror

What you ‘sow’ today, you will yield tomorrow. This saying says a lot for everyone. India is not among the self-proclaimed superpower nations, but we do have sufficient resources to kick away or even respond to terror threats that are imposed on us year after year. Mumbai, Delhi, Pune & many other cities have been terrorized so many times till now that we have lost count.

We are not the USA, we don’t go to war to manipulate our economy, nor for the sake of vengeance against the terror imposed on our soil which is necessary. We are India, but are we the nation that welcomes the death riders & terrorists into our country & then feed them for years, respect their religion and then pardon their sins for god knows what possible reason?

Well, we are becoming a nation that beats our sleeping citizens in a mass fast camp. We are becoming a Nation that imposes rigid no cooperation & discussion policy towards the people who at least dare to care for the worsening situation of our country. We are a nation that instead of punishing terrorists, is respecting their rights. We are a nation whose Government respects a religion that can help them stay in power. The core on which our Nation is built upon does not keep affirmation with all that is done by the Government today.

The question here to ask is why? why does our Government provide so many resources to these terrorists, the terrorists that ruined so many families, killed our people like they don’t matter, terrorized our cities & left so many black days in the history of our country. Someone said, “ we respect their religion, so we provide them food & necessary things according to what their religion demands & their human rights”. Well, we all respect every religion there is. We respect the people following that particular religion but what about the human religion, what about the rights of the victims of terror?

In my opinion, these messengers of death have no religion. They don’t have human rights as only humans have human rights, savages don’t. If you consider them human, you talk about their human rights, you let them petition & appeal in courts & even to the President, the last pardon Authority, you are giving these people a chance to commit terrorism and then live their life like celebrities.

Unlimited amount of money has been spent in the day-to-day requirements & security of different terrorists while they sit comfortably year after year till their cases in our courts are settled. I ask, what if this amount of money was invested for the betterment of our nation, our community, by providing resources to the common people who need them the most.

We certainly don’t have the courage to settle our affairs like American forces did in Pakistan when they killed Laden. Their President made a promise to the general public that the perpetrators responsible for 9/11 will be brought to justice & the promise was kept. They did not capture Osama & fed him for years before his crime gets a pardon on some crap basis.

Let me remind these policymakers that We, the people make this nation & it’s economy. We are the backbone that runs the nation. India is a democratic republic. It makes me sad to see that in our free country, our rights are suppressed to benefit a particular group. Our say does not matter to the people sitting at the top of the decision-making chain.

The ones responsible, the ones living their lives after killing hundreds of innocent people should be brought to justice without any delay & without caring for the vote bank of a particular religion, as the people belonging to any religion demand priority justice. Religion in our books comes second & first we all are Indians.

If we want India secured from future invasions & attacks, we need to make it clear to these dealers of terror that an attack on India is a punishable deed & they cannot take us for granted & if it comes to it, India will not pull back from taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of citizens & the ones responsible will be held accountable as we do not welcome terror.

Remember I am just speaking my mind, my observation to words
No offense to any particular religion or community is meant

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  1. you think differently. really like the paragraph about human rights violation of victims and yes steps have to be taken to maintain peace. good writing dude…

  2. The most ridiculous aspect of peace n human rights is accepted by our govt. Great observation & write up.. Hats off sir…

  3. sad truth.. people were butchered to death by those ******* n the most ****** up thing is that they all r still alive. good writing my brother

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