Slap, Clap to Justice–26/11 story

Justice is a word that signifies truth, quality & freedom not as a dictionary word, but as a whole form that describes our great Nation.

Well, some people might say, Nation – “ what’s so great about our Nation “. I’d say everything, though nothing. It’s people that make a Nation, so for some of the cowards out there, we just cannot blame every one who plays a part in the process that makes our Nation what it is.

Just like 9/11, 26/11 is something that has impacted the lives of many & has a lasting imprint on the minds of every person who cares for our Nation. Innocent people were butchered to death, Law enforcing officials gave their lives to defend our country, common man was terrified of what went down in Mumbai.But all of that seems to have gone in vain. Everything just turns into more politics & our Government easily forgets everything & starts to talk about peace at the first opportunity that they get, while the other Nation’s ministers question our integrity & thinks that India doesn’t have the coins to take action against the ones responsible. If we look back, it’s been three years, though it feels like yesterday.

While talking about all the losses & destruction that shook Mumbai on 26 November 2008, Is there anything that changed ? The only thing that could have changed was the way we dealt with the ones responsible, but it seems spending millions on a terrorist seems a better way to our Government then to take adequate action against that terrorist. Judging from the stalling that has taken place in reference to Kasab’s sentence, it feels that the Government doesn’t want to take any chances with the vote pool or maybe there is a stronger force at play.

Coming back to Justice, on the anniversary of the tragic day, the only thing that is required is the proper form of Justice for people whose lives were taken from them & for their families that are suffering, missing their loved ones & feeling the impact of that black day even after three years.

Things need to change, we have to change them. Peace is necessary for lives to cherish & bloom, but when that peace comes at the price of self-respect it’s not peace at all.

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