Destroying hope

I have written before about the economy, the policymakers, the unjustified lifestyle that people below the poverty line or even on and above the poverty line have to live. It would sadden any rational & intellectual human being when the true face of society we live in & sometimes feel proud about shows itself.

The life of any person starts with a dot, just like a seed when it spurts out of the ground. That seed if provided with proper additive, grows into a healthy & blooming tree. It becomes a home for birds & other creatures, gives us fruits and shelter. The same theory applies to a human being. Any child if provided with proper resources & help can become a good citizen and play his/her part in the upliftment of the society.

One of the resources extremely necessary for any person is food. In a country where even today thousands and maybe even more people sleep hungry at night, that includes little children, it is saddening & shameful that our Government lets tons of eatable goods go to waste. Instead of only planning & promising good storage facility & maintenance, construction of actual shelters and storage units can save a lot of resources that add to the overall economic stability. Recently it’s wheat, sometime back it was potato farmers that suffered in a similar way because there was no storage or shelter to protect these goods from bad weather conditions.

When 20 lakhs can be shelled out for a minister to buy a car or millions can be spent to construct a bungalow or even a park, is building a storage or shelter for such important resources that hard? What can be the justification for this? There can be tens of questions that can be put out, but there is no answer that might come from these policymakers. The agonizing outburst of people who suffer from hunger, poverty & disease seems to fall on deaf ears.

Politics is a science as said by many great writers. Today it has turned out to be a game. The game that if played well earns your wealth that you might not see otherwise. Today, a politician can make an uncountable amount of money & is still considered poor according to books, but a common man making Rs.32 or Rs. 26 a day is not considered poor.

Every single seed destroyed, destroys hope for a brighter tomorrow. It is essential that substantial steps be taken to prevent such mishaps in the future. The steps can lead to decreased inflation & will, for sure, add to the betterment of the economy & lives of the common man.