Music, Something & Soul

In the world where we live, the world we call our home, there are just a handful of things that give us the feeling of peace. Isn’t peace something we all want? Maybe not all of us, but most of us, right ?

Finding peace is not that hard, you just have to look in the right place. Some of us find peace by meditating, reading a book, some by long drives, some in a bike ride & some find peace in music. You could be playing or listening to music, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality time you get to spend with yourself.

I personally find riding my bike & listening to music as the most peaceful things I do. In and all even riding my Royal Enfield & its sweet thump is like music to my ears. Somebody once said, “ Even in the most distraught situation, if you manage to find one single moment of peace, it’s enough”. I try to find that single moment here & there, I try to collect them, make good memories out of today, for tomorrow. Hoping that good memories might just help me tomorrow.

When it comes to music, It doesn’t matter what genre you listen to, or on what volume. You could be listening to Gary Moore, Elton John or even Mirza Galib Saab. All that matters is that you get that Medicine for your soul that keeps you healthy, Medicine, being the things you love. Happiness in day to day life is as important as breathing oxygen. Being near people you love, loving things or doing things you love works as oxygen for your soul.

Living life & Living life are two completely different things if you understand what I mean.I try to live the latter one. Something done right is never wrong. Try to Live today & find that moment that will work as Nectar for tomorrow

What I’ve Done

People, Organizations, Countries all talk about peace being the primary motive of every talk. There shouldn’t be war, terrorism & a lot of other things. Things that, if excluded, can render our lives much more fruitful. From the last two decades at least we have been talking peace with our neighboring countries and working out a way to not to go to war.

Between the political talks and everything that our government does for peace, it gets more and uglier. Whenever we are attacked, we either run to UN or complaint to China if it involves Pakistan somehow. Does the USA complaint like this when something goes south with their policies.  We have a lot of examples when other countries were breached without just a cause.

Why do we present ourselves as week & pathetic when we are indeed capable. People die, families ruined, children abandoned for life. War heroes die & it all goes in vain for the grant of politics. Why do terrorists get leniency in our country, even when our soldiers captured as POWs get tortured and are not returned to us? Where do the conventions and policies go then?

Country’s policy should be motivated for the nation & for the betterment of our people & country & should not be motivated to get votes from different religions & for misusing the power.

The only question is that What the Common person has done? The Common person who just wants to live in peace & harmony?

Remember, I am just speaking my mind, putting my thoughts.
No offense meant to any community, religion or country.