AAP– an open letter

Dawn of a new today seems to be right around the corner. This is what I & many others thought & hoped for while expressing an open opinion to everyone or everywhere there was a forum for open speech, I tried to convey my best to get a few things out and in motion for the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party(AAP).

AAP & it’s backbone Shri. Arvind Kejriwal is well known for his dynamic speech & the true content he holds for this nation & our fight against corruption. AAP started more as a group who wanted to do something to change the current situation, a situation that is filled with corruption & barbaric political parties.

The Manifesto or the list of issues raised by AAP has been to the mark & most of these were also raised by the BJP.  AAP, before constituting itself as a political party, used to speak their mind. They used to do things that a common person would do. They stood for the constitution of India, at least I thought so.

Right after the Legislative council election, things started to change. The party, who I thought would do great in the Lok Sabha election, started to wiggle & collapse in the juice of a win. Well, not a win, but coming second in the first elections they ever appeared in. It was a big deal & many of us thought, things will finally change in the capital of India. The long-term of Congress rule in Delhi finally came to an end.

AAP was supposed to be a party for the common man & by the common man as most of their leaders say. But, is it? From what I have seen from their Media appearances, most of them appear to be in a sort of sarcastic mood. They are disrespectful, have no sense of politics as a science & appear to speak in a weird fashion. The Common man of India does not speak like that.

In a recent gathering of the three political parties on AAJ Tak, a lady politician openly called someone from the audience a liar ( the person was not lying & he just pointed out a fact about a statement from Shri. Kejriwal ). It appears that the science of politics is no longer applied. People from all the political parties appear to fight & quarrel, as if, they were in a fish market. The decency from every statement from every political party has vanished. AAP being the newest of the lot was expected to be a bit different. Why are they not?

We, the people expected them to make a Government & change things, the thing they promised they would change, when & if they came into power. From the current situation of things, it seems like they are running away from their duty, duty towards each & every person who voted for them. This is the time for AAP to show everyone the power of common man and the correct way of how things should be done. Instead, they are still contemplating on whether to make a Government? why?

Isn’t this why the AAP ran for power in these elections? Even after getting a chance to make a Government in Delhi, they still speak like the opposition, demanding things to be done. Why? AAP should take charge & do things they promised, at least now, when they are getting a chance. That is why the common man voted for you. They did not vote for you to indulge in some ridiculous series of question & answers and some weird idea of another opinion poll to form the Government. Winning 28 seats was more than enough opinion they should have wanted to form the Government.

Respect the common man and don’t just be another political party, is what we all ask of you. They should lose the Sarcasm & have some respect for people whose presence in the political sphere has always been a ray of hope for everyone.

We made you. We, the people of India. People of a country whose foundations were laid on a constitution as great as ours.