What the Policy

A nation is built and run on a number of factors. These factors include defence policy, state & central policies, foreign policies etc. etc. While the people we choose to run the Government make & edit these policies with so called ” growth ” in mind, if we look closely we will find out that the policies and expenditures are being conducted strictly on subjective opinions of individuals who are in no way competent to make those decisions and handle huge amounts of National Treasure

Whether we talk about common wealth games where more or about Rs.10000cr was spent & the results were disastrous or talk about the grand community park by the Uttar Pradesh CM that took almost Rs.600Cr. These are just some latest expenditures that pop into ones mind when thinking about the tragic situation of BPL ( below poverty line ) community in India & to say the least about excluding all the essentials from the state or central development list.

There are two aspects of this scenario. One is that our chosen leaders or the decision makers decide to spend a large chunk of money on a particular project. After the completion, almost every time a ” Ghotala “, a scam comes out naming a few people for their indecent involvement & illegal usage of state/National funds. Actually It’s now a very common outcome of any new venture that takes place. The very first thing that comes to mind is ” How much would someone be gulping in the whole process ? “. Why does every time a giant venture takes place, scam comes out of it. Then goes the Inquiries & commissions that takes some more resources & time. Well, after all the losses to national treasure, what’s the point in beating around the bush ?

Second aspect of these expenditures is about the necessity. Let’s consider the latest example of the Community Garden/Park project that was completed a few months back and took about Rs.600cr to get completed. The venture by the Honourable Uttar Pradesh CM has no standing whatsoever in terms of state development. The one question that comes to mind is ” Does UP need a 600cr park ? ” or ” A good Hospital, School, better maintenance of village roads, better electricity supply lines, cheaper food & clean water ” could have been achieved with this huge sum of money.

A hungry or sick person cannot get anything out of that park or won’t give a damn about the CW games. A illiterate child cannot get education from that park.

These are just two examples that show the current status of our National Policies, where Need & Necessity has no standing what so ever. If only educated and competent people run our Government & make policies and adhere to rules of engagement, India can grow at a more rapid pace than it is growing right now.

It’s about opening our eyes to the fact that it’s we who choose the leaders of tomorrow & if we do that carefully, a large sum of resources can be saved & utilized where it makes a difference.

Just my observation to words.