Breaking free !!!

Breaking free, from the stigmatic society, from the shackles of life, from the unwanted intrusions and the woes of sigh.


The stagnancy of cause and the just life without another clause.

Cannot bear the burden of self, how do I return and make it swell.


Continuing down the path of sorrow,

It’s justguilt, it’s just pain and no room for tomorrow.


I have had enough, hearing all the sounds,

sounds of morrow and sounds of the great fowl.


Recording myself for today and tomorrow,

No I give up, I rest full of sorrows…


I quit, I lose, I don’t regain, I don’t have it in me to make out of this pain.

I haven’t had a day of glory, yes, oh yes, it’s finally end of story…


— Shantanu Kaushik